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servers (DNS) used for service, and certain Status information such as if the domain is Locked. Enter the domain name in the form below to perform a WHOIS Lookup on it: Whois Lookup ome types of domains (TLDs) will not show all information (or will not show any information at all) from WHOIS utilities used outside the the Registry’s website for that type of domain name. If you think you’re not being shown all information available, or no information comes through at all, please see the WHOIS section of this website and see if there’s an alternative WHOIS lookup for the type of domain you need information about. The WHOIS section of this website will also contain information that explains certain things you need to know about some types of domain names, as well as what some Status codes mean.

Global e-Business Consultants e-Business is about achieving business priorities through smarter use of a range of Internet based technologies. It means connecting businesses with their customers, employees, and suppliers to make real value and money out of the Web. It changes the way businesses do business. When moving traditional business to e-business, it is seen in the bottom line: increased sales, reduced costs, improved process cycle times, and improved profitability. Global e-Business Consultants will help businesses make full use of Internet technology and keep them abreast of the competition. Global e-Business Consultants provides organisations with a Systems Lifecycle that will implement the latest developments in Internet technologies to enable them to trade via an Internet site, or conduct business to business transactions via a secure Web site, together with the necessary backend systems infrastructure to support that technology.

Global e-Business Consultants has the ability to provide all of the Services to consult, design, implement and run a high performance intranet, extranet or internet transaction systems. Global e-Business Consultants can demonstrate that there are ‘just’ over 2,500 steps required to implement a full business to business transaction system. The reason that they know that this is the case is because they have completed the process with very large, very complex multi-lingual, multi-currency transaction systems with IBM, (6,000 Business Partners connected, 10 languages, 85 countries, in excess of a billion dollars paid in Incentive payments). Global e-Business Consultants have very detailed infrastructure, application and Web site check-lists to complete large systems. These check-list (even if all of them are not used) result in detailed task list which lead to maximising efficiency, reducing risk and increasing the success of the system in the most cost effective manner.

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