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Goldwood Crossing International has brought together accomplished executives to act as an extension of your fiduciary stewardship and offers both strategy and tactical implementation that results in smart growth. With numerous consultants throughout the Southeast, Goldwood Crossing International has areas of expertise including strategic business development, planning, marketing, finance, technology, operations, and organizational development ………………………………………… Super Grace in Kawasaki There is no doubt that you will want to visit again and again at a shop where only clean type Yamato Nadeshiko is enrolled. Heal your tired mind and body with its beautiful appearance and gentle, feminine care. It is also a secret that every girl has smooth skin, so you can spend a satisfying time with any girl. The fact that the number of girls enrolled in the entire operation group exceeds 1,000 indicates that the shop has a high eye for girls. Now that we have a campaign where you can get a free photo nomination fee of 2,000 yen, it’s the best time to find your favorite girl. ……………………………………. Founded in 2000, the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is the leading self-regulatory association exclusively focused on third-party advertising online and in mobile. With nearly 100 members, just about every Internet ad served in the US involves the technology of one or more NAI companies. These third-party services are crucial for a diverse Internet ecosystem and digital economy as they help to facilitate the dynamic, free, ad-supported Internet that consumers love and expect. But privacy and consumer trust are also crucial The NAI’s mission is to create, draft, and oversee the self-regulation of the third-party online advertising industry through enforceable standards and ongoing compliance efforts. Our self-regulatory program is backed up with accountability, serious compliance, and enforcement. The NAI’s Self-Regulatory Code of Conduct imposes notice, choice, transparency, education, and data security requirements on members, along with other obligations with respect to the collection and use of data for Interest-Based Advertising. The NAI employs a comprehensive compliance and enforcement program to verify ongoing member compliance with these obligations. Meaningful self-regulation requires the constant reevaluation of new technologies, new business models, and new policy developments. At NAI, we continuously adapt old policies and craft new ones so that best practices evolve organically and in lockstep with our industry. And we do it with buy-in from industry. We think creatively about the application of fair information practice principles in our ever-changing digital landscape. The government is simply not as nimble and as tapped into the inner working of this industry, which is why we need a smart, efficient and effective strategy for self-regulation. Regulators have stated that industry self-regulation only works when it is backed up by rigorous compliance efforts, tough enforcement and accountability. Our compliance team demonstrates year-after-year that self-regulation works through robust enforcement of the highest standards and NAI-wide compliance with the Self-Regulatory Code of Conduct. NAI members provide infrastructure that enables a thriving and diverse market of ad-supported free content and services. The NAI’s role is to preserve consumer trust in this market by setting the bar for responsible data collection and use practices online and by ensuring our member companies meet that bar. As online advertising continues to grow and diversify and new technologies emerge, the NAI will remain a vigorous advocate for responsible online advertising standards. With effective self-regulation, everyone wins – industry, regulators, and most importantly, consumers.

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